SEO For Small Business Website – 10 Steps to Outrank Your Competition

SEO For Small Business

Marketing a small business is tough and digital marketing is even tougher.  Given the confusing world of SEO and the ever-changing search engine algorithms, this can make it the most difficult form of marketing your business.  Yet, when done right, there is little that can compete with solid, organic search engine visibility for promoting your … Read more

Web Design Service Agreement

Beast SEO Web Design Service Agreement

Beast SEO 15835 Falls Creek Rd. Whitewater, CA  92282 760-459-7745   [[DATE]] [[CLIENT NAME]] [[CLIENT TITLE]] [[CLIENT COMPANY NAME]] [[CLIENT COMPANY ADDRESS]]   Project Title/Description:  {{PROJECT TITLE}}  |  {{PROJECT DESCRIPTION}} Confirmation of Engagement Schedule: Preliminary Designs: [[DATE]], Final Design: [[DATE]] Copyright Usage: The rights granted to Client are for the usage of the Final … Read more

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