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I create websites that will get results for your small business!

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My name is Vic Ide.  I spent most of my career as an HR executive with several large Fortune 100 companies.  In 2013 I left the corporate world and started an in-home senior care agency in Palm Srings, CA.  This is where I learned the value of having a great website that outranked my competitors and converted visitors to prospects.

Research shows that people make buying decisions based on emotions.  Our goal at Beast SEO is to capture what makes your business different, identify why people buy from you, and then make sure your website is making an emotional connection with them immediately.

Whatever your goals for your website are, we want to help you achieve them.  I am a Certified Digital Business Consultant with years of experience as a small business owner.  Let me help you grow your business.

Vic Ide


Everyone should have a website. Whether it's for your small business or maybe your drag queen persona. At Beast SEO we value what makes you unique. Let us help you capture that in an awesome website that looks good on any device and is SEO optimized.


I see a world where people are not judged by their differences but celebrated because of them! This is my personal vision and it is what drives everything we do at Beast SEO. How can we celebrate you?

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