Drag Queens Need a Website Too

I heard a drag name the other day that was absolutely hilarious. She is actually a local drag performer here in Palm Springs. Being a website designer, the first thing I did was check to see if she had a website. Alas, she did not. Then, I went to a domain registrar website to see if the domain name for her drag persona was available. To my surprise it was! This incredibly funny drag queen’s name was still available to buy.

She should have her own website!

Of course, the next thing I thought about was buying the domain URL for her drag name and then reselling it to her. Then I said to myself “that doesn’t seem very ethical”. Sigh. So, to my knowledge it is still available.

That whole scenario got me thinking that every drag queen should have a website!

It doesn’t matter if you run your own business or work full-time. I don’t care if you are a broke college student, an experienced executive, a fundraiser, or a drag performer.

Having your own website is essential to growing your business and your career.

The 6 reasons every drag queen should have a website

Drag queen website

Instant credibility

Having a professional website gives you instant credibility to people who are interested in working with you. It shows the world that you are investing time in your personal brand and gives you the chance to tell your story and showcase your experience. How many times have you heard about a new product, brand or service and immediately went to their website to check them out. If they did not have a website would you consider them credible?

Unlimited networking opportunities

Everyday there are people searching for someone like you. I just did a search on Jaaxy (a keyword search platform) that shows there are an average of 5,566 searches a month for the term “drag queen”. These people do not know that you exist, which means you will never get a chance to connect with them. In addition, you have the chance to turn every person you meet into a loyal follower if you have a website to send them to. A website can be a powerful networking tool regardless of what industry you work in.

Ability to build your tribe

The most powerful thing any professional can have is a tribe of supporters and people advocating for them. There are people in your life who want to support your work, cheer you on and help you reach your career goals. Having a website allows people to follow your work so you can build a tribe of followers.

New career opportunities and better gigs

Are you interested in public speaking? Being featured in media? Want new gigs? Personal coaching opportunities? New job offers? Having a website instantly shows people who you are, what makes you stand apart and gives them clear direction on how to contact you.

Believe or not, having a good website is the difference between playing a bar gig at a music festival or playing the outdoor stage. It’s all about the opinion of people who have the ability to make things move for you.

By including a portfolio, image gallery or videos, as well as testimonials about your work, you can demonstrate what makes you unique. This will open up entirely new opportunities that can help skyrocket your career.

Control over your image and content

Having complete control over how you present yourself is important. Today, whether you’re applying for a new gig, pitching a potential project, or simply introducing yourself to someone, the chances are high that they’ll Google you first.

Even though your social media profiles may come up, this won’t give people a curated version of you. Instead, they will see an aggregation of the pictures and words you thought were worth sharing with the world at a particular moment in time.

Your website gives you a chance to showcase yourself in digital form. It’s almost impossible to have this same level of control by relying on other platforms, or not having a website at all.

It’s the difference between a career and a hobby

A website is proof that you’re walking your talk. If you tell people you are a media personality, performer, and have big dreams for your drag persona, the fact that you don’t have a website immediately cancels those claims.


Go get your domain name now!

Before you can build your website you have to first purchase your doman name (URL). And, they are not expensive! You can buy most domain names for anywhere between $9.99 – $13.99 / year on domain registrars like domain.com and godaddy.com. Simply type in your preferred domain name and they will immediately tell you if it is available to buy and how much it costs. Easy!

I own many domain names and even bought the domain names for each of my nieces and nephews for Christmas one year.


Go, build your website!

The internet has made building websites easy too. There are many website builders out there. Or, you can use a local website designer like me (Beast SEO) who can build, host and maintain your website for you. You can check out the previous articles I wrote that will guide you step-by-step on buying a domain name and building your own website.

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